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Dear Readers

After publishing the information about the sensational and alternative therapy method with the use of Digital Clark's Zapper and Silver Pulser devices in the March and April issues of Natural Health, we received hundreds of letters and e-mails with questions. We realise we are not able to address all important issues raising your interest in a few sentences. We would like, however, to deal with the most frequently-asked questions.

Causes of diseases according to Dr Clark

An average person may not believe this, but the received data indicate the total weight of various tapeworms, roundworms, worms, threadworms, trematodes and other parasites in the body may reach a few kilograms. This is confirmed, among others, by specialists in hydrocolonotherapy. Nevertheless, many people realize that according to Dr Clark most of these parasites are located not only in the intestines, but in some organs or joints as well. In such cases the problem arises. These parasites do not only nourish themselves, but they excrete and carry bacteria, too. For instance, rheumatic polyarthritis is triggered off by a specific bacteria. A lot of people may know that in Dr Clark's opinion, these bacteria come from small roundworms whose germs live in the joints of the people afflicted with this disease. Depression - all clinical patients dr Clark has dealt with had their brain infected with small roundworms, Ancylostoma duodenale and nematodes. The parasites hidden in our body soon become immune to the preparations we take and they even feed on the preservatives which get into our body with food. They become, however, completely defenceless against low-frequency electricity.

What are parasites?

According to the report published in the Canadian magazine Clear Life dated 1 October 1997, a parasite is an organism living at the expense of another organism which might be each of us. The parasite lives parallel with our life inside our body. It uses energy provided with food, feeds on our body's cells. It also uses the vitamins which we take caring for our health.

How can we contract parasites?

Statistically, 70-80% people may become infected with parasites. The phenomenon of contracting parasites is much more common than we think. Probability that we can live for 20-30 years, or even more without contracting parasites constitutes only 20-30%. This starts innocently: polluted food, dirty vegetables and fruit, undercooked meat or fur of our pet. The biggest number of parasites is found, however, in pork products, available in common trade, such as: bacon, sausages, hot dogs, and even fish. Let's take, for example, pork tapeworm (Taenia solium). It gets into the human organism through the consumption of infected smoked ham, sausages or undercooked pork. Larvae develop in the muscles, cardiac muscle, brain, eyes attacking these organs with poisonous by-products. We should remember that parasites may enter a latent phase and indicate their presence in the form of exhaustion, lack of energy and strength as well as other symptoms mentioned below.

How can we get rid of the intruders?

The human body is perfectly constructed. It is programmed to be healthy. Unfortunately, the lifestyle we nowadays lead has many negative aspects. This results in losing our balance and consequently leads to diseases. Often, there are many causes of diseases and frequently it is sufficient to have an influence on one of them in order to recover. Electronic overpowering of parasites with the use of Digital Clark's Zapper and Silver Pulser devices constitutes an example of such an intervention. It is worth noting that in each case our body recovers and all we can do is help by removing obstacles. Bacteria, viruses or mould are not destroyed but overpowered, and it is our immune system that has to deal with and ultimately remove them.

Remove the cause and the disease will disappear as well

We want to make people who consider health to be very important aware of the fact that they are not doomed to diseases. Contrary to what we think, the way to be healthy is simple - remove the cause and the disease will disappear as well. It really is a simple relation. Simple and highly effective.

Finally, a passage from a letter:

My 7-year-old son suffered from allergies. After playing with a dog or a cat the nightmare started - rash, sneezing and watering eyes. Fortunately, it is over now. Having applied the therapy - Digital Clark's Zapper Programme 12 and drinking colloidal silver everything has subsided. Finally my son's dream will come true - he will be able to have a dog. I have been using the therapy, too and I have got rid of the headaches which I had for many years.

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