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There is nothing more precious than health

We think that prolonged, never-ending, expensive and often humiliating treatment process is a sad necessity when we have been struck down with a disease which can often eliminate us from the course of leading a normal lifestyle, deprive us of a good mood and joy of life. If the disease is accompanied by pain, it becomes a nightmare. There is nothing more precious than health!

Results of research carried out by scientists

If we talk about health, we would like to present to you the latest results of research carried out by scientists and microbiologists who had resolved to discover the reasons for diseases and examined the depths of our bodies. After 40 years of research, they have proved beyond doubt that there was a little culprit, such as: a bacterium, a virus, a fungus, mould or a parasite, behind almost every disease. Their removal has become a priority of the 21st century medicine. Each of us carries them in our organs, blood and lymph. Stress increases their reproduction, and they feed on preservatives contained in food. They have become resistant to medicines and antibiotics, yet, they have a failing.

They are terrified of electricity

They are petrified of electricity! Of course, not the type we use in our houses, but a particular one, of an appropriate value, frequency and shape. Only a few years ago, laboratory generators were necessary, whereas nowadays we use portable devices which are available to everybody who wants to get rid of intruders.

Silver Pulser and Digital Clark's Zapper

The above-mentioned devices are: Silver Pulser dr Bob Beck and Zapper dr Hulda Clark. The basic difference between them is that the Zapper device gets rid of parasites and micro organisms living in human organs, whereas the Silver Pulser device ideally removes them from our blood and lymph. Both devices complement each other perfectly and together they form a really comprehensive and extremely effective purifying therapy.

Medicine of ourtimes

The greatest advantage of Zapper therapy (Digital Clark's Zapper) and blood electrification (Silver Pulser) is their efficiency (97-98%). The method has been tested clinically with thousands of people, including the so-called "incurably ill patients". No other therapy in the world has such a high percentage of efficiency and no undesirable side effects. This is, undoubtedly, medicine of our times. One of the most prestigious universities, The Albert Einstein University in New York, confirmed the efficiency of this method in 1990. Hence this device is worth having in our medicine cabinet.

It is better to prevent than cure

You will ask if the purification process of our organism is essential to everybody. I mean an average person who feels fairly well and only occasionally takes some vitamins. The answer is "yes"! Firstly, IT IS BETTER TO PREVENT THAN CURE! Secondly, it turns out, for instance, that Candida yeast, so well-known nowadays, causing various yeast infections in the organism, problems within reproductive organs, especially among women, as well as tiredness, headaches, heaviness, lack of concentration, decrease of physical strength, is present in the organism of each person who has ever taken antibiotics. Digital Clark's Zapper device is able to get rid of it during fourteen sessions, each three minutes long. The result is a considerable mood improvement, not to mention the abatement of ailments. And who has not taken an antibiotic even once in lifetime?

An intruder living in the digestive system

Another example involves an intestinal fluke, Fasciolapsis in our digestive system. If Fasciolapsis moves from intestines to another organ and forms a colony there, a cancer focus appears. Our body, in an attempt to neutralise it, encapsulates it inside a tumour. This discovery has become an impulse to the world of science to conduct research, although it was not only dr Clark who has come to those conclusions. Simultaneously, similar studies on the influence of electricity on micro organisms have been carried out by dr Bob Beck using Silver Pulser. Their findings have proved beyond any doubt that in the majority of cases an ailment develops due to a rapid repleŹnishment of colonies of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and parasites. It has also been proved that they can be destroyed by means of using appropriate electricity.

Remove the cause and the illness will vanish

We wish to draw attention of all who are health-conscious to the fact, that they are not condemned to illness. Contrary to what one may think, the pathway to health is obvious - remove the cause and the illness will vanish. This really is a simple correlation. Simple, and how effective!

Simple, and how effective!

This method may also help you. Take care of yourself and your nearest and dearest so that you will neverto worry aboutyourand their health.

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